The mysterious founder of the League of Ladies, Katarina. The League of Ladies is best summed up as a united ideological movement that women can be equals in society. Even though in Albion female nobles have respect and can attain power, the lowborn women is still property in many ways and is second to the man of the house in households. To contest this Katarina brought in a number of truly impressive women to convince the people of Albion to change this. The most visable method is her all female gladiator school which has had tremendous success. The school has just managed to introduce female vs male contests in limited ways.

Katarina herself is known to be helpful, passionate, and kind but nothing is known of her past or what she does on a day to day basis. Many commoners have told tales of how Katarina was there at a key moment to help them in a time of need and quickly left or even vanished. Stories have ranged from calming a horse before a child was hurt to carrying a heavy basket for the elderly and more. Many men try to impress her but she is never seen with any beyond a few fleeting moments.

She is known to be a very red and long haired young woman with a green eyes. Standing a few inches short of six feet tall she stands above most women. This combined with her custom made leather attire and a toned figure she easily is a beautiful woman to look upon. Even so her small scar above her left eye and two strange swords show that she is not a woman to messed with.


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