Kendra Lockheart

small dark and quick with her blades




She was a young girl when her parents left. Never was real sure why. She woke up one morning and they weren’t there. She was 8 at the time, men came pounding on her door 2 days later. Not nice men. She had wanted to wait, hoping they would return, but if these men found her she knew what would happen. Mother had warned her of the rough men in town.
She got out and ran. They had only lived there for a couple of months. They had never stayed in the same place for long… something about daddy’s business. She knew no one and had no place to go. So she hid. Came out at night to gather what scraps she could find. Begging on the corners when she thought she would fit in. Staying in the shadows, blending in, watching, learning, and surviving. Then something strange happened… she made a friend.
Lest was not much older than her but she could tell he had more experience living on the streets. He eventually was able to convince me to come home with him. It was a rag-tag group of mismatched people. But they accepted her and they trained her. Apparently it was something daddy had set up as part of his business. He was an assassin, but when he met mother he tried to get out. It worked for 9 years.

Kendra Lockheart

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