Kenji Hlaalu


As the story is commonly known through out the land, Kenji was the heir to the same Hlaalu tribes that are now commanded by Bjorn Hlaalu. Kenji’s father, Bjorn’s brother, desired to set up a political alliance with the Kingdom of Albion by arranging a marriage between Kenji and The Sovereign. The Sovereign could take full power of the throne and have a strong influx of martial power while the Hlaalu people could have a recognized home. Not all went to plan…

Kenji and The Sovereign were childhood acquantances and were even distant kin to each other. Though the adults on both sides worked hard to forge a relationship between the two, it was an unnecessary effort because the two had an instant chemistry that quickly turned into genuine affection. Kenji absolutely loved her and stayed in her palace during the engagement. One night he went into her bedchambers only to interrupt an assassination attempt by one of her own High Council members. He would successfully protect the Sovereign and kill the assassins but would later that night die of his wounds in the arms of the Sovereign.

After Kenji’s death the relationship between the Hlaalu and Albion worsened. When Bjorn took power shortly thereafter he saw the events surrounding Kenji’s death as a sign of weakness for Albion and stepped up raids on their lands. Both sides are very likely to attack each other on sight if they think they can get away with it.

Beyond his death Kenji was known to be of the purest blood of any living descendant of the Archangel Shinji and was beloved for that. He was known to be a good combatant and a legendary leader at the young age of only 13. He was 19 when he was killed.

Kenji Hlaalu

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