Klaatu Khan


It is said that Klaatu Khan is a very thin, frail, and pale looking younger man with thick and long brown hair worn in a ponytail. His race is unknown as his hair hides any of the normal clues on the matter such as ear shape and his eyes are very normal as well. His taste of clothing is often a toga or other loose Roman style clothing that is commonly purple. Finally, he has been known to have a golden scythe or to reveal black feathered wings on his back but this is often the last thing that only his victims will ever see.


There once existed a wanderer who possessed such power that he destroyed very powerful and prosperous kingdoms if he so desired. This man man was simply known as Khan to history and all who would hear of him. This Khan is the being who broke the back of the great Jade Empire and splintered them into what is now most commonly known as the Hlaalu tribes. Though that being has not been seen for centuries a new and powerful being claiming to be Khan’s son, Klaatu Khan, has recently appeared on Barsoom. Unlike the original Khan this new “Khan” is far less chaotic or destructive, but he is nonetheless a being of horrifying power.

Most rulers have taken to following the precedents of history and offering tremendous hospitality to Khan to keep him in a good mood. Famously a Duke of Messiniah let himself be used as a footrest when Klaatu Khan requested one. The duke simply did not have one in his home and fearing for his lands and people he offered his back. Klaatu Khan was actually quite impressed with the duke and his willing to swallow his pride that he allegedly thanked the duke for his hospitality and left him in peace.

Klaatu Khan

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