Marcus Corvinus


Marcus is remnant from the better days of Albion. The Sovereign’s grandfather, James II, brought Marcus into his home quite literally off the street. Marcus was a young boy who fought a guardsman who had arrested a young girl for stealing a loaf of bread. As a young boy Marcus was able to defeat the guardsman and allow the girl to escape. James II himself witnessed this and detained Marcus. Ever impressed James II offered Marcus the chance to be a squire for his younger brother. Marcus accepted of course. Over time James would invite him into his family as an adopted son and Marcus would become the commander of the army.

Marcus is now in his early 50s but is still a beloved leader among the common folk and the soldiers but is often despised by the nobility. His marrying the young girl he saved on the streets, Beatrice, further added to the nobility disrespecting him. Though many would like to remove him from power, the plain truth is that he is too clever and has too much power for it to be worth the risk to remove him. Marcus teaches his men that if you act with honor, train yourself, and are willing to lay down your life for your cause that victory will be yours.

Politically Marcus’ main efforts have been spent on resisting the Reman Faction’s idea of using Albion’s armies to attack Hlaalu settlements. Though the Hlaalu raiders are certainly an annoyance and cost the kingdom many resources, Marcus believes that the Sovereign will need her armies intact and near home if she is to survive.

Marcus has been wounded in both his legs thanks to the battles he has fought over his life. Though he can still walk on his own power, he is very much slower than what a man of his age and health would otherwise be. Rather than this keep him off of the battle field he has since rededicated himself to becoming a great lancer.

Marcus Corvinus

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