Logan and Leah Drake


When Logan was a young man he happened upon a well for a drink when he saw the lovely Leah. The two had an instant connection and Logan sought out her father’s permission to marry her shortly thereafter. Leah’s father was an elderly and poor farmer who had no sons and few servants so he arranged that if Logan work the fields for five years he could marry his daughter. Logan did so, despite Leah’s father making the task a hard one to void the deal. The couple married and were happy but the Undead Horde would attack nearby lands. Logan was stubborn as a mule and refused to leave the land he had worked; so he joined the militia to defend the area. Logan would fight like a lion that day but nonetheless forced to retreat with his family and the militia. He would stay in the army and earned the name “Standing Man”; for no matter how much someone beat him down he would rise up again.

A couple of years later Marcus Corvinus (Commanding General) had come to know Logan and Leah both very well. Logan was given an officers commission and charged with guarding the same lands he had fought so hard for. Logan used his experiences of working that land to condition his men to fine physical form and discipline that was rare in even in the regular army. Leah invited Marcus to see this for himself and then proposed Logan be given a state sponsored gladiator school that was solely focused on training soldiers or prospective soldiers. She argued that if the gladiators proved successful it would be a great recruitment tool for the army and would likely pay for itself in short order. Marcus agreed and managed to convince the High Council to fund The Drake Gladiator School for two years.

With Logan’s training and determination combined with Leah’s administration the school attained great success for its relative lack of funds. The gladiators of the Drake School did not make their name on martial skill but their physical abilities. Even their competition admired the vigor of Drake School gladiators and this would provide their main income… training. Though the Drake School still competes in the arena they now spend much of their efforts towards teaching gladiators and soldiers alike how to fight longer and harder in battle. No longer funded by the government directly, they do still receive contracts for their continued training of soldiers and reservists.

Logan and Leah Drake

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